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SEO Monthly Reporting

SEO Monthly Reporting.

How will we be able to tell that the time spent on SEO is working?

The way that we show our clients that we are working towards achieving results with our SEO Services is through consistent, open channels of communication and through monthly reporting. This allows our clients to be caught up with all the work that is being carried out on their behalf. It shows levels of progression as well as planning to a suitable timescale. The communication between Smarter Digital Marketing and our clients is first rate allows for conversations regarding any amendments, changes or alterations to made to the work which we do for their business.

This constant communication can take place through face to face meetings, email, or telephone calls or any other suitable channels. This also allows for our clients to be updated on a regular basis rather than simply waiting until the monthly reports are passed over. By combining both practices, we make sure that all work is communicated and documented to show levels of progress. The time spent on a client’s SEO services work is dependent on the package they purchase, however, the consistent communication and monthly reporting is standard throughout all the SEO services which we offer. These practices allow us to show which goals and objectives are being worked towards and ultimately achieved.

SEO Services – Monthly Reporting

As with any of our SEO services glasgow packages, a legal document is signed on both parties’ behalf in regards to what is expected from the client and Smarter Digital Marketing. Within this contract, is the agreement to monthly reporting which is carried out at the end of each month and sent over to the client.

Within these reports are various channels which show levels of progression. The channels vary depending on the nature of the work we do specific to the client. For example, if a client has E-Commerce set-up through Smarter Digital Marketing, we will send end of the month reports in terms of performance. The reports are based on the last 30 days of work which has been carried out on their behalf. A breakdown of each document which the client receives as part of the report is listed below.


The channels are set-up through Google Analytics and allow us to monitor how users access the client’s website. This could be through organic search through the keywords which have been optimised as part of the SEO services work which we carry out. It allows us to report back on data regarding how users are getting the business. Data regarding social and referral searches can also be monitored and presented to the client. Once we analyse this data, we act accordingly depending on what practices and techniques need to be implemented.


If a client has an e-commerce set-up on their website, we can track, monitor, analyse the performance of sales, conversions, transactions and order value data. This is presented in a comparison graph which compares the last 30 days to the previous 30 days and reveals statistics regarding performance. It also highlights revenue figures to allow the client to see what levels of sales have taken place in the last month. Again, with this Google Analytics data, we analyse the findings and work towards maintaining quality levels of work.

Goal Completion

The next level of reporting concerns the goals and objectives of the client. Depending on the nature of the client’s business, the goals can vary. If a client makes sales through selling a service, contact us forms are tracked and monitored. If a client sells products online, the level of sales are recorded. This data is collected through Google Analytics throughout the month and displayed as a comparison to last month’s figures. This data includes percentages which show how many goal completions occurred in the last 30 days, value of conversion rates as well as other important data which is analysed and acted on accordingly.

Organic Search

This report contains Google Analytics data concerning what keywords users have searched to reach the client’s website. This includes long-tail keywords and phrases as well as singular words. With this data, as part of our SEO services, we analyse and work towards maintaining the performance of the highest searched volume keywords, as well as work to improve the terms which are below the first page in terms of SERP. This report also contains data regarding the client’s websites new users, new sessions, bounce rate as well as average time spent on page. Each month we work tirelessly to improve these figures to make sure that the results our client expect to see, are achieved.

Time Reports

This is a breakdown of time spent working on behalf of our clients. It includes specific tasks, copywriting, link building data, technical development and all work which is recorded. This is then totalled to meet the number of which a client has purchased as part their SEO services package. This report allows clients to clearly see the work which has been carried out on their behalf. It also reveals which member of the Smarter Digital Marketing team worked on which project, allowing for consistent communication between the client and all members of our staff.

Keyword Report

This report shows the client the performance of each keyword specific to their business. It is presented in a professional spreadsheet and includes data regarding which keywords are performing well and are their SERP ranking. It shows keywords which are on page 1 of search pages and which one’s need improving. The data is compared over a 6-month period to show the client the level of progress which is achieved through our SEO services techniques. This report is crucial part of our SEO Services Glasgow as it allows us to see which keywords are being optimised through copywriting and content creating. Google ranks based on keyword optimisation which is why we place importance on the analysis of how each keyword is performing.

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