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SEO Maintenance in Glasgow

How much will SEO Services maintenance cost me?

The cost of maintaining our SEO Services is built on a monthly or hourly retainer basis. The agreement is settled between the client and Smarter Digital Marketing. The cost varies depending on the client’s needs and how much work they want carried out on their behalf. As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Glasgow, we pride ourselves on presenting our clients with the highest quality of work at affordable prices.

We work hard to make sure see stages of progression and unrivalled results. Allow us to deliver the best marketing strategies and SEO Glasgow services for your industry to give your business the boost it needs. We understand that every customer and company is different. That’s why we implement each individual SEO strategy specific to the requirements of the client. Using our expertise, we aim to deliver the best results for your business.

Monthly Retainer Cost For SEO Services

The maintenance of Smarter Digital Marketing’s SEO services can be set up on a monthly or hourly basis to make sure your business receives the required work and attention that you would expect from one of the leading online digital marketing companies in the country. Our clients have seen the tangible results which are a result of our campaign management implementation and continued evaluation.

The monthly retainer model which most of our clients opt for works as a monthly fee, with the minimum package beginning at £1000 +VAT. Get in touch to find out about all the packages which we offer and what is included in each. This set-up provides the greatest ROI and gives us time to work progressively towards the goals that we as well as our clients expect. The monthly retainer fee includes a certain number of hours’ work, depending on the package that has been purchased.

Hourly Retainer Cost For SEO Services

We believe that the services we offer are appropriately priced and deliver value for money. The hourly retainer cost which we offer includes consultation or information regarding how we can best work towards the results you want to see. This can vary from each client and is dependent on the type of work which we feel would be best suited to your business.

The consultation which we offer differs depending on the customer. This could involve analysis of your current website and the work we think would benefit it. This could also include recommendations and advice on the most effective plan of action in terms of our SEO services which we could implement on the client’s behalf. If an hourly rate is something that would interest you, get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to help guide you through the process.

What’s Included in Our SEO Services Monthly Retainer

The SEO services which we offer are dependent on each individual client and their requirements. There are however consistent practices which we work with in terms of the SEO techniques which we implement.

All of these strategies are focused on achieving success and are result-driven. Our monthly retainer is built on either a half day or full day in terms of the time  spent working on the client. Our team of digital marketers, web designers, copyrighters all work tirelessly to make sure our clients are satisfied with the service we provide and are happy with the care and attention they receive.

Some of the practices which are included in our tried and tested monthly SEO services include; link building, content creation, page optimisation, keyword ranking analysis, google analytics, article creation, google maps listings, technical development, site audits, traffic analysis and monthly reporting. These techniques are proven in getting our clients the results they desire. With our monthly retainer, our clients are guaranteed to receive substantial attention in terms of working hours, aimed at meeting their goals and objectives. Clients that have opted for our monthly SEO services receive detailed work which we put in to make sure their campaigns perform strongly and deliver the results that they hope to see.

What’s Included in Our Hourly Retainer

The services which we offer on an hourly billing basis are also varied and depend on what we feel would best suit the client’s wishes. From general consultation to in-depth analysis, we are happy to discuss what we feel would be the best practice for any business. Some of the practices which are typically involved with the work we carry out on an hourly basis include; technical analysis of a website, competitor analysis, market analysis, page title and meta descriptions, H1 & H2 optimisation, keyword research, e-commerce SEO, server optimisation, opportunity analysis, website crawling and any technical development that is needed.

The range of hourly SEO services which we offer are also tried and tested in terms of delivering results and are proven to meet the requirements of any business. We make sure that our clients are able to build brand awareness, build brand trust and become an authority in their respective industry.

What We Do for You

If you are interested in either the monthly or hourly SEO services which we offer, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be glad to walk through everything you need to know. It all starts with a face-to-face conversation to allow us to discuss your specific requirements and the best services suited to your business.

We then begin planning and analysing all the relevant data unique to your company and draw up time-scales to make sure that everything is transparent and focused. We then implement the techniques and practices and continually monitor their performance and move onto optimising what works for you. After this, we work hard with our digital marketers to make sure your business receives the attention it deserves and the results to back it up. Get in touch today and ask us what we can do for you and get the digital marketing results you desire for your business.

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