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Common SEO Queries

Common SEO Services Queries

SEO Queries.

How much do I need to spend on SEO services in order for my website to rank high on Google?

This is a question which comes up a lot with digital marketing and the SEO services which we offer. How much you need to spend in order to achieve a high ranking on Google is dependent on a number of variables. Each one of our clients are unique, some require more work than others which is why it is difficult to judge how much a client will need to spend. For this reason, it is tricky to give out exact figures as each business we deal with is unique in its own way and requires different levels of work. Like any industry, all digital marketing agencies in the U.K charge different prices for their services and it comes down to the quality of work you require and a few other factors.

We are confident that you will see results with us and be satisfied with your Glasgow SEO Company. We are happy to perform an audit on your website to give you an idea of how much will need to be spent to achieve results in terms of SERP. We do not make any unrealistic promises in terms of getting your website to the top of page 1 in Googles search results, however, we are confident that with time, you will see significant results and see progress. The SEO Services Packages which we offer should give you a rough idea in terms the minimum costs that you will be required to pay to allow us to get to work on your business.

Existing Website

The condition of your businesses current website will also be a contributing factor in terms of how much you will need to invest in SEO services. The size of website which you approach us with will determine how much work needs to be carried out. The size of your website is shaped by how much pre-existing work has been put into development. Whether or not your website requires an e-commerce set up to allow your customers to purchase products online is an example of this. If your business needs content creation from our copyrighting team in terms of the products and services which your business offers, this will be taken into account and priced accordingly. Any technical work needed for your website will also be taken into consideration. If you require a full technical set up to be carried out, it will also be reflected in the cost. The more technical work needed to make sure your website performs well from your Digital Marketing Glasgow agency, the higher the cost.

Amount of Work Needed In SEO Services

The way we operate with our clients is on how many hours’ work is required to make sure their website is performing well and generating traffic. Clients can take either a full day or half a day depending on budget and work needed. The more hours that we work on your businesses website, the better chance of seeing results in a quicker period of time. The hours which we work on your website are carried out on a monthly basis and can be increased depending on your budgets capabilities. Our quality of work is consistent with all of our clients which is why we are confident that we can help you achieve the results you want.

SEO Services – Level of Competition

One of the main factors which determines how much you will need to spend on SEO services in glasgow to achieve a high ranking on Google is the level of competition in your businesses respective industry. The higher the level of competition, the more difficult it is to achieve a high ranking. This does not mean it is an impossible task, it simply means that it may take longer to achieve.  If you operate in a highly saturated market, more work and time will be needed to achieve substantial results, which determines how much we would charge. If your business competes in a market which is not as competitive, there is a better chance of seeing results in a shorter period of time. The reason for this is that if there are established businesses competing in the field your business competes in; it will take time to compete in terms of generating traffic to your website.

Keyword Competition

This links back to the amount of businesses competing in the market your company operates. Ranking highly for the right keywords is an important part of our SEO services. It allows us to generate and analyse data specific to your business to find out what customers are searching in relation to terms and phrases to reach a company’s website.  The more competition there is for keywords specific to your industry, the more time it will take to achieve results. If you wish to rank for keywords which have a high level of search volume, it will take longer in comparison to keywords which are more specific to your business. The amount of keywords which already exist on a website is another variable which determines how much work is needed to increase traffic, and therefore will shape how much you need to pay.

Link Building in SEO Services

Building links to your website is an essential part of any SEO services and an important process. Building high-quality, relevant links to your business is a crucial part of competing and thriving in an online capacity. How many links point to your website is a factor which regulates how your website will perform in terms of attracting the attention of customers. Search engines rely greatly on links when ranking web pages for search results. To search engines, links are seen as a vote of confidence.

If a website links back to you, they must trust your website and your business enough to send their own customers your way. The higher volume of quality links, the better chance your business has of reaching a high ranking. Linking to and from trusted, reputable websites is an important part of any SEO service and the amount of work needed in terms of link building will reflect how much you are charged.

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