We take on a rounded approach to Search Engine Optimisation, ensuring we cover all aspects of your online presence to make sure your site is high-quality in the eyes of search engines like Google. We have a small team of staff, all experts in the field, ready to take on our next project. Each SEO consultant UK is set up to bring fresh ideas to the table, constantly making use of new developments in the technology for SEO services UK wide.

Our SEO packages can be tailored to your requirements, with each client we take receiving a completely individualised SEO plan based on an initial audit.

Working to timescales

We are well used to working to tight deadlines, and although SEO by nature is a gradual process, with certain aspects of the job we can get jobs done for you, fast. We ensure tasks are completed in line with the project management timeline which we set up at the start of our contracted period.

Working to budgets

Our team of SEO consultants are also completely adept in working within budgets, and managing our skillsets best to give you optimum results within the budgets laid out. We have flexible prices laid out for our SEO services UK wide from local SEO for lawyers to SEO for fashion E-Commerce, so we can almost always find something to suit a potential client.

What does a typical SEO UK company plan include?

Each plan and package which we create as an established SEO UK company, can include so many different aspects of SEO. From the first point of contact to our exceptional level of reporting, from start to finish you will receive tailored services from this SEO company. All of the stages below can be provided by Smarter Digital Marketing, one of the top SEO agencies UK.


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  1. SEO Audit
  2. Outlining Goals
  3. Resolving Critical Issues
  4. Competitor Research
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Usability and Speed Checks

On-Site Optimisation

  1. Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
  2. Content and Internal Link Optimisation
  3. Website Architecture Optimisation
  4. New Page and New Tools Creation
  5. Backlink Disavowing and Link Cleaning

Website Promotion

  1. Link Building
  2. Outreach

SEO Evaluation

  1. In Depth Reporting
  2. Ongoing Optimisation


Before we can get stuck in, there are some steps we like to take at Smarter Digital Marketing, which will make the process more tailored and suited to your company’s goals and needs. It’s important to include most, if not all, of these steps to ensure a solid SEO plan can be created.

SEO Audit

As part of our SEO services UK packages, we like to start any relationship off with an in-depth SEO Audit which can inform us of how your company is faring, what the website needs, or any areas which are looking good. This will help us created an individualised packages according to your business’ weaknesses and strengths.

Outlining Goals

Our SEO consultants UK-based work best when we have a target to smash. We like to outline your business’ goals right at the start of the process so that we know what we are all working towards. The team can work with you to develop goals which are measurable and achievable.

Resolving Critical Issues

If there are major issues which need sorted immediately, we dive right in. Technical errors on the website can often be a bit of an issue, and we make sure to get anything like this resolved as a first port of call.

Competitor Research

By completing competitor research, we can understand how you can best go about being the market leader. We like to know the search terms your competitors are using and where they are gaining their backlinks. This will help us gain a more well-rounded view of your industry.

Keyword Research

Our SEO consultants UK-wide need to know what people are searching for within your sphere or market. By understanding this, we can target individual terms and make sure we are optimising for only the most relevant searches today.

Usability and Speed Checks

We need to make sure that the website we are directing users to is fast and optimised for multiple devices. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile, we can help you sort this out without compromising on fast page load time. A fast, attractive website will help you immeasurably in the long run.

On-Site Optimisation

Probably the main thing that will get your website noticed in a good way, is making sure that the content within the website is of high-quality and is optimised based on what we learned in the Preparation stages above. Smarter Digital Marketing can optimise your website in a whole range of different ways.

Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Make your page more relevant to users by ensuring keywords, their search terms, are included in your page title and your meta description. Not only will this help your rankings within search results, it will give users a bit more information when they find you, pushing for more traffic on your website.

Content and Internal Link Optimisation

Content is one of the best ways to inform your users about your company and deals, as well as a great way to boost your SEO efforts. We will ensure the content on your website is well-written with keyword mapping and internal links inserted.

Website Architecture Optimisation

You don’t need to have thousands of pages to rank well on search engines. The best thing to do is have a clear website structure and functional navigation, all of which we can help you with. Better website architecture means more enjoyment for your users, and a better score from Google.

New Page and New Tools Creation

If you do need new pages created, for example if you bring in a new service, or if you want to add a new feature to your website like Ecommerce, we can help. We have all the latest tools ready to make sure your website is everything you want and more.

Backlink Disavowing and Link Cleaning

Did you know Google will penalise you for backlinks which are full of spam or ads? We can investigate and clean out all of your backlinks and make sure Google knows you are a trustworthy site.

Website Promotion

Search Engine Optimisation is all about improving your website’s ranks on Google. In order to promote your website and make sure it’s getting put in front of the right users, we need to ensure your business has trustworthy links being created. The more trusted the links, the more likely Google will see your website as a “high-quality site”.

Link Building

The team of SEO consultants at Smarter Digital Marketing use a variety of link building techniques to make sure we are building exceptional quality links which are bound to improve your ranks and your website’s success when it comes to the top search engines.


We want to put you in front of the perfect audience for your brand, and therefore part of our SEO services UK package is outreach. Through various platforms, we create more and more high-quality links for your business as time goes on.

SEO Evaluation

In order to make sure we are doing our best work for you on an ongoing basis, we make sure we are constantly improving on our processes and providing you with detailed feedback so that you know we are on track.

In Depth Reporting

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping you achieve your goals, we make sure to provide you with monthly reports of your progress. We cover all aspects of your website’s growth with a look into how our SEO consultants in UK are improving your ranks and increasing your traffic.

Ongoing Optimisation

Google updates all the time. We are on the ball when it comes to keeping in line with the latest algorithm changes and are ready to optimise your website on an ongoing basis to make sure your site is always in top condition.

How We Price Each SEO Plan

Due to the tailored and individualised aspect of our SEO services UK packages, the pricing can vary a lot depending on how much work your website needs or how much work you would like us to complete.

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