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Web Design for SEO: Everything You Need to Know

The significance of SEO web design lies in the fact that when we invest in building a website, we want it to be visually appealing and search engine friendly, with practical, easy, and intuitive navigation. This is all part of the effort to provide a positive user experience. However, is this strategy compatible with SEO services and techniques? Despite a number of obstacles, the combination of search engine optimization with web design is very practical. This becomes evident when we get a…

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Effective Information Architecture in Web Design: Full Guide

Information architecture (IA) is a component of website design that is sometimes disregarded. As designers, we frequently allow the CMS we're using to define how a site's content is organised. And that's fine as long as the site conforms to the restrictive content formats that most CMSs are built for. However, the content of a website frequently exceeds the capabilities of most CMSs. You can end up constructing sites that are more confusing than they need to be or, in the worst-case scenario,…

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How Content Sites Can Improve Conversions

In the world of digital marketing, conversion is king. Oh, wait, isn’t content king? Or so you’ve heard?  So, what happens when these two kings meet out in the wide and rolling spaces of the world wide web? In other words, what can a content website do in order to improve its conversions?  While they can certainly take a leaf or two out of the eCommerce website’s conversion book, there are also tactics unique and specific to content websites to keep on your radar.  Let’s explore! Have Good…

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How to Build a Website

Building a website is obviously a hugely important undertaking these days – no matter whether you are creating it for a business or for career reasons. While it requires a lot of thought and attention, the basics of how to do it can be boiled down into a few simple steps. So, these are exactly what we are going to be looking at in closer detail in the following blog post.

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6 Web Design & Development Grants To Look Out For

When it comes to web development projects, costs can easily pile up and it can become very expensive. This is especially true if you want to incorporate all the current digital trends to your web development. Fortunately, there are funding opportunities for businesses across the UK who are looking to improve and expand their online presence. There are a variety of grants available in the UK made available for all different types of businesses. Considering how much you could save, it is…

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Digital Marketing And Web Design: How To Connect The Elements

Do you know that your web design is one of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve your goals as a digital marketer? Are you also aware that many digital marketers fail in their attempts to increase sales and generate a higher return on investment (ROI) because they failed to realize the importance of linking their web design to their digital marketing strategies?    If you’re a digital marketer and still haven’t recognized the importance of connecting your web design to your overall…

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Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2024

Now that 2024 is right about underway it is time to get your latest fill of web design trends that are captivating users all over the web this year. The standard of web design even in the last few years has taken noticeable leaps forward, and the elements that are being included in some websites today are nothing short of amazing. Very much like the trends that influence the fashion world, website design takes cues from trends that are in fashion at the time. Some may argue that trends will…

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Chrome 62: What Does Your Business Need To Know?

Everything You Need to Know About Chrome 62 Pay attention as Google is changing things up again, only this time, it could affect your business. Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a ‘Not Secure’ warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page, and for all HTTP pages in Incognito mode. Things are already in motion as Search Console has already started sending out notices to sites that have not yet migrated to HTTPS. If your business has not moved to HTTPS by October,…

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We Are Hiring – Web Designer

Web Designer Position Available Good news everybody! We have a position for an experienced Graphic Designer available for immediate start within Smarter Digital Marketing’s Glasgow office. We deliver high end Digital Marketing services to our clients, and as such are looking for a Designer who shares these qualities. Web design applicants should be experienced, have a gift for original thinking, be experienced with the tools of the trade, and have a passion for delivering their best work on…

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How Speed Affects Your Website

Why Speed is Important The digital age has created an army of tech-savvy users who demand fast-loading, accessible internet. Now more than ever before we are used to getting the results we want and need at just the click of a button. Are you looking for ways to optimise the success of your website? Make sure that the speed of your website’s individual pages are not leaving people hanging around for the results that they are looking for. Skilled have put together a handy infographic that covers…

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