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The 10 SEO Best Practices List to Rank Your Site Higher in 2024

As we look towards welcoming 2024 with the release of chatGPT bots and AI Chrome extensions fresh in our minds we notice the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve at a blistering pace, with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at its forefront. The impact of AI has shown to be significant, as well as changing user behaviours, and search engine algorithm updates has redefined the rules of the SEO game again.  Whether you're a seasoned marketing pro or just looking to test the SEO waters,…

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Five Cheap SEO Hacks For Beginners to Boost Site Rankings in 2023

Are you finding it difficult to attract your target market to your products and services or draw more traffic to your website and climb in rankings on Google? Then don’t fret, we’ve selected 5 core SEO hacks to help you optimise the quality of your website and boost relevant traffic without breaking the bank.  We also deliver SEO services in Glasgow supporting you on every step of your SEO campaign. Read on to find additional SEO tips and more.. Keys to Ranking Higher On Search EnginesGoogle…

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How to Transition Your Physical Business Online

Move Your Business to Digital Today’s market has a digital element to it that is impossible to ignore. From Facebook to Twitter, Gab, Minds, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Tinder, there are a broad array of social media platforms which demand the attention of savvy marketers. But today it’s not just enough to be visible online through social media. Shifting Into Full Online Functionality It’s not enough to have a firm grasp of such techniques, however. In addition to them, your…

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The 6 Most Important SEO Trends To Watch in 2018

Important SEO Trends 2018 Much like any other industry, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Every year there are new trends and strategies that take the field by storm. It means that companies have to constantly keep evolving in order to stay ahead of the trends. Search Engine Optimisation is a complex tool but one that when done right is highly beneficial to every company. That is why companies like Smarter Digital Marketing are becoming more and more important. These experts are able…

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Why Your Website Must Be Responsive

Responsive Website Is Key For Businesses Did you know that the percentage of people that now access the internet using their phone has overtaken accessing via desktop? Mobile ownership stats show that in the UK, 97% of the population (aged 16+) own a mobile and 61% of that own a smartphone. Times Are Changing The functionality of mobile phones has changed massively over the years, going from a device you could simply make calls from, to then being able to send text messages and now browsing…

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