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Glasgow University Case Study

Glasgow University Case Study

“We worked with Smarter Digital Marketing to enhance our website impactbrexit.com and to improve its online visibility” University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow has a website dedicated to publishing expert commentary about the impact of Brexit on the devolved nations of the UK and on the Republic of Ireland, and required to improve the online visibility of the site. Smarter Digital Marketing came up with a SEO strategy that would boost the website’s ranks on Google and therefore increase online traffic.

The first stage was to conduct thorough keyword research.

This was a key step in improving the website’s visibility as it allowed us to see what language people are using when they want to find information relating to Brexit online.

Once we had a list of keywords compiled we implemented SEO to the website itself, updating page titles, meta descriptions and content to include language that would allow Google to recognise the websites relevance to user’s search queries.

The next stage involved reaching out to political based bloggers, journalists, other universities and academic institutions interested in the subject of Brexit and its implications on the UK.

As we gathered a list of relevant and reliable sources, with highly rated domains we created content on the impact that Brexit on businesses, the economy, EU laws in the UK, and of course on financial markets and the law.

By collaborating closely with the contact list and distributing our content, we conducted and maintained a strong link building campaign.

What we achieved

Increased visibility

Increased ranks

Increased website authority

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