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Anytime Fitness Case Study

“Smarter Digital Marketing took control of our SEO Campaign, social media strategy, email campaign and digital brochures to give us a boost during our busy period in January & February. We will work with them in the future to build a stronger relationship” Neil Waterman, Franchisee


We helped Anytime Fitness gather reviews from existing customers.

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“This is a great gym with friendly and helpful trainers (shout out to Dave who helped me put together a training
routine), top quality high tech equipment (you can even browse the internet and watch tv from the cardio machines as
well as using apps to log your training etc!) and clean, private shower facilities as well as plenty virtual classes to
choose from, plus membership lets you use any of Anytime Fitness’s gyms if you have one near you on your travels.”
– Kristen Scott

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“I went along to the try this gym and i have to say i am very impressed. The staff couldn’t be more helpful if the tried.
they answered any and all questions. they also took the time to show me around and help me set up the machines to a
level i was confutable with. I would highly recommend this place. Just need to see the Virtual class working and its a
win win all round. Thanks guys for everything”
– Natalie Jamieson

What We Did And How We Did It

Anytime Fitness contracted Smarter Digital Marketing with the task of increasing the volume of gym membership signups.

This campaign required a multi-channel approach which included SEO, Email Marketing & Facebook Ads.

  • Mobile and desktop optimisation
  • Increase website enquiries on mobile
  • Increase gym membership sign-ups



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Design Examples

Case Study

Client’s Needs

Anytime Fitness asked us to increase their gym membership signups.
This strategy consisted of SEO, Email Marketing & Facebook Ad set-up, management and optimisation.


Our online marketing strategy consisted of updating content on the website, creating relevant links and designing an email marketing campaign that conveyed trust and authority.
We tracked all sign-ups using Google Analytics event tracking.

Anytime Fitness St Enoch Social Media Services

We incorporated Social Media Marketing into the overall digital marketing strategy for Anytime Fitness St Enoch by running a Facebook Ad campaign. We first researched how far the average person was willing to travel for a gym and set up a geo-targeting area accordingly for the campaign. After this, we selected the appropriate demographic by utilising the tools within Facebook Ad Manager. Time and careful analysis went into the filtering process to ensure that the ads were reaching the appropriate audience.

We then designed and create the copy for the ads themselves based around the brand identity and Facebook’s Ad guidelines. The idea was to create an attractive ad that conformed to the brand image while still giving an air of individuality. Through creating the Ad, we made an increase in the enquiries and direct signups for Anytime Fitness St Enoch.

Anytime Fitness St Enoch SEO Services

For Anytime Fitness St Enoch’s SEO services, we targeted industry-specific keywords for Anytime Fitness by undertaking competitor analysis alongside our own keyword research. By highlighting appropriate keywords with the right search volumes, we were able to create an SEO strategy that pushed Anytime Fitness St Enoch onto page one for 30 different keywords.

The results have been noticeable, with an increase in both conversion rates and sign ups. The SEO campaign focused on targeting the local area and drawing customers from Glasgow, as these were the customer most likely to sign up to the gym’s services.

Anytime Fitness St Enochs E-mail Marketing

The final prong of the Anytime Fitness digital marketing strategy trident was email marketing. Due to nature of the industry, we ran two email campaigns: one for corporate memberships and one for non-corporate memberships.

The e-mails were designed and written in-house, taking into careful consideration the Anytime Fitness brand identity and the target audience. The design was crisp and original with the colour scheme and logo designs coming from the overall Anytime Fitness branding. The copy was short and succinct with CTA’s (call to actions) throughout, encouraging potential customers to engage with the Anytime Fitness St Enoch website. The e-mails also included the relevant memberships benefits, either for corporate or non-corporate.

When it came to choosing the audience, we used Anytime Fitness’ e-mail enquiries database as a remarketing base for the non-corporate campaign. For the corporate, we used one of our own in-house e-mail databases appropriate for the campaign.

Here are further examples of our client case studies.

Our Brochures


Non Corporate

Our digital marketing agency has a team of in-house designers that can create brochures for any business purpose. Before any work is completed we will send your personalised designs back to you for unlimited revision.

This year we created a non-corporate and corporate brochure for Glasgow gym, Anytime Fitness. Each brochure is customised specifically to our customers’ corporate goals. With our design expertise and your feedback, we can create something that looks incredible both in digital form and in print.

Email Templates


Non Corporate

January 2017 was a great time for Anytime Fitness St Enoch to launch their first email campaign with us. Our designers and SEO Glasgow marketing team worked hand-in-hand to create something that stood out from Anytime Fitness St Enoch’s competition.

At Smarter Digital Marketing we can help your business design an e-mail campaign that is both engaging and unique. Email Marketing campaigns work in a number of ways, they can promote special offers, promotions, or can simply be sent out to your customers acknowledge their purchase. We can create and manage an email campaign that your customers will love.

If you are unsure about how an email campaign could work for your business, book in for a digital consultation!

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