Believe it or not, but there’s alternatives to Airbnb and if you’re a managed service provider.

This post will discuss the various options you may have when it comes to renting our your property.

Organic Search

We know every customer is different. We will formulate and implement a tailored SEO strategy especially for your business.

Organic search can drive just as much website traffic, visibility and ultimately bookings for your property.

Maybe you are solely reliant on AirBnb for all of your bookings.

A better strategy would be to separate out the channels, and plan which keywords you wish to rank for.

When doing the planning, you should think about the street, area, type of property and nightly cost.

Once you have mapped the property to particular search terms you can optimise your website to be visible for the relevant keyword search phrases.

Creating new pages on the website which contain supplementary information can increase the weight of your content and bring more valuable website traffic.

Paid Advertising to drive qualified traffic

Using Google ads to generate instant leads can be fruitful, and fast.

This is all about the keywords which are picked and analysed, as the traffic quality and relevancy success will depend on this.

Using Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads could also be profitable, as this is proving to be a platform which engages customers and gives visibility to brands.

Email Marketing

Building a highly targeted list of email subscriptions via your blog or website can be a great source of bookings.

Using third party email software like Mailchimp and Send in Blue means you can send timely email campaigns to generate leads.

Referral websites

A quick search of the web will uncover various referral websites from other countries which you can tap into.

Websites like LateRooms, Expedia & DirectRooms are great alternatives to the main websites like AirBnb and