Search Engine Optimisation For The Financial Services Industry: How Does It All Work?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is seen to many businesses as a dark art. Why is this? Mainly because you do not see what goes on behind the scenes.

The typical scenario is to sign up to expensive contracts under false pretence and often see no results after a considerable amount of time.

We’ve all seen poorly optimised websites and campaigns spending your entire budget with no real results at the end of it. This is why data is so important – from the landing page analysis to average keyword monthly volume and competitor analysis. It’s all very important and when used together can create a very profitable online marketing campaign.

Why are SEO & PPC campaigns so popular?

Long gone are the days of people looking at The Yellow Pages and engaging with billboard advertising.

People’s habits, behaviours and attitudes are evolving dramatically, partly due to the idea of convenience.


Convenience is being able to buy your favourite pair of shoes on a mobile app while you wait for a taxi.

Convenience is also creeping into all daily behaviours, such as browsing the internet for goods and services or finding new candidates for a job on linkedin. You don’t even have to leave your house to run a business now.

SEO is convenient for business. Why? It’s convenient because if you properly optimise your website you will start generating inbound business leads.

Why bother advertising in the paper and wasting your marketing budget when you can pay an SEO company / expert a monthly consultancy fee and they will generate inbound leads.

Reduce your budget on outbound sales staff and you will become more profitable in the long term.

Who searches on the internet and how do they search?

If you are in the financial services industry you will appreciate solid statistics and a carefully structured/profitable SEO campaign.

Decision makers use the internet to source good and services for their business. For example, directors, managers and staff with authority.

We recently undertook extensive SEO research for the financial services industry and the patterns and demand took us by surprise.

Everything online is based around the ideology of keywords and average monthly search volume, without keywords SEO campaigns don’t exist.

Don’t let any other SEO agency tell you otherwise.

By looking at every keyword (from 10 searches per month to 10,000 searches per month, both short tail and long tail too) you can increase the amount of website traffic you receive and target the right kind of customers. And who are they? The ones with their wallet out ready to buy.

A relevant example for the financial services industry

Interested to hear more? Why not read some of our recent market analysis on the vehicle insurance sector online below.

We recently undertook extensive market analysis / SEO & PPC forecasting for the insurance industry.

Total Market Volume Analysis

So, what’s the first question? How big is the marketplace? Correct.

Is it worth spending time and money to get no return? Obviously not.

Therefore, we broke the insurance groups down into 13 keyword groups.

The total market volume across all groups ranged from 2.4m – 4 million searches per month:

Vehicle Insurance Analysis

There are obviously a variety of vehicle insurance market sectors, it was our task to identify the highest volume and analyse how competitive they are. This analysis includes costs for PPC campaigns and gives a clear indication of average monthly search volume per keyword group (this is applicable to SEO and PPC campaigns).

How competitive is the vehicle insurance sector online?

We looked at competition level statistics and compared all the 13 main keyword groups we identified to find new market opportunities. In this example 0.1 is low competition and 0.9 is high competition.

As you can see below competition levels range from 0.8-0.95. This shows GAP insurance may perform strongly using a paid search campaign.

We compared PPC competition levels against average bid too

Market analysis should look at a variety of online marketing channels. Not organic channels, but paid and email.

Below is a recent analysis of average monthly search volume vs competition and average cost per click costs for paid marketing campaigns:


How we can help

SEO for financial services is something we are well versed at. We’ve worked on a variety of projects, from insurance to loans. Don’t know how to get started? We can supply you with an SEO Audit or a fully managed SEO campaign.

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