How to Transition Your Physical Business Online

How to Transition Your Physical Business Online

Move Your Business to Digital

Today’s market has a digital element to it that is impossible to ignore. From Facebook to Twitter, Gab, Minds, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Tinder, there are a broad array of social media platforms which demand the attention of savvy marketers. But today it’s not just enough to be visible online through social media.


Additionally, for greatest effect you want content marketing solutions which will ensure your business is in the list of primary SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) results that derive from typing a query into a search engine. This is often done through blogging and guest blogging.


Something else to consider: many businesses sponsor popular entertainment programs on the web. Remember when some television show mentioned a sponsor in years past? Today the same kind of thing goes on through services like YouTube, as well as across a variety of apps. You’ve likely seen as much yourself. An ad that fits a given demographic pops up on a video screen before the clip plays, or on the sidebar of some app.


Also, targeted marketing on basic websites is beginning to characterize the web. If you do a search for a service like, say, pest control, you may find ads for businesses you’ve visited crop up on other websites you visit later, or even on other devices. Drawbridge is a new service that connects individuals across diverse devices through various algorithms.

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Shifting Into Full Online Functionality

It’s not enough to have a firm grasp of such techniques, however. In addition to them, your business needs to be fully functional online. Existing and potential clients need to be able to buy your products or services. They should be able to pay bills. They should be able to interact with your staff.


You need a fully functional online business that can function as a surrogate for physical locations. The potential for expanded success is great here. With the web, you can reach a much greater extension of your target market than you would be able to otherwise. Especially as concerns moving product, online solutions are very ideal.


You need to be able to transition to your online business should something happen to your physical location. Of course, this is going to require some groundwork. Likely, you’ve already started laying it. If you’re not comfortable tackling those activities, you can contact experts such as Lilo. Few businesses aren’t using the internet in some capacity today.


Marketing Considerations

Many already have their fingers and toes in varying levels of online marketing strategies. Finding those strategies which fit your business is very important. The right online marketing solutions will continuously yield Return On Investment, or ROI, over time.


Sustainable ROI leads to sustainable outward growth, which in turn should increase profit accordingly. You need to find cost-effective solutions which help you achieve these ends in ways that can be observed and measured. A new market has arisen for products and services designed to facilitate just such results.


A great example is Linkio; according to the site: “Linkio’s AI uses predictive analytics to guide your anchor text strategy. With the algorithm’s help, you get fewer interruptions, happier, more productive employees, and better results.”


Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and online marketing combine together to bring you more comprehensive, actionable data than ever before. There is something called Big Data which is increasingly being used by large corporations to optimize operations.

Birdseye view of man looking over sheets of business data next to a cup of coffee and a laptop

The Big Data Component

What makes Big Data possible is the cloud, which maximizes computing power through the ubiquity of available services. Think of it this way: if one computer can process a terabyte of data in one minute, two could do it in thirty seconds, four in fifteen, eight in seven and a half, and you get the idea. With a thousand computers, the terabyte is processed in .06 seconds.


Well, there are cloud computing arrays out there with over a million servers networked together. Naturally, such computers can process complex data in, essentially, real time. So a corporation like McDonald’s or Walmart could monitor global data trends throughout the day in real time, continuously refining operations to save millions of dollars. IoT provides additional data points which can be recouped by cloud data examination protocols.


With SEO and other online marketing, it can be determined what kind of devices clients are using to process your content. You may be surprised to find that mobile devices characterize the lion’s share of the market today. If your online marketing solutions don’t incorporate mobile devices, not only will you miss out on all the data you could exploit for more streamlined outreach, but you’ll miss over 50% of the buying market.


You can pay parking tickets, pay phone bills, pay utility bills and rent, order food, order rides, order errands, and more from your smartphone. Tablets and laptops are just as capable. Desktop shopping is actually beginning to slough off because it requires the buyer to be stationary. Meanwhile, mobile buying let’s people maximize their day—they can get more done.


Marketing Using Innovations Like Big Data

This is yet another reason you need to get your business on the web. Marketing which can bring Big Data applications to your business’s outreach strategies can help you identify effective protocols which produce more actionable leads who have an increased likelihood of conversion. Increased conversions lead to increased profit, which helps you remain more stable, and sustainably expand.


But it must be said that online solutions can’t exist for their own sake. You’ve got to put some aesthetic on your business’s digital persona. Your home page needs to look good, and be easy to navigate. Your blog needs to be properly formatted, include visual aids, and reference authorities to validate surprising facts.


Something else that makes a lot of sense to consider as you look into an attractive online presence is live chat software. Here is a list of the best live chat software solutions for your online business for customers to have an easy, comfortable chat experience. With it, there’s a better chance to convert them to repeat customers.


Such software must additionally be usable on mobile devices, as these are such a big player in the market today. The key is to be visible, easy to find, and convenient to work with. You don’t want to be annoying. You don’t want to be overbearing. Certainly there is some success in text message, email, and social media campaigns which directly message existing clients.


Organic Visibility Through Mobile Applications

At the same time, this can be perceived as invasive. But one thing which isn’t invasive, is convenient, and does keep clients regularly aware of your products and services may just be an app. If you’ve got a unique mobile app that your clients can download, this could end up paying for itself many times over through repeat business and new conversions.


The key is to design an app that both exposits your operation, and provides a useful service. A great example for a company like a real estate agency might be a mortgage calculator. Their target market is seriously considering buying a home. They need to crunch the numbers, and if a mortgage company’s app can help them do this quickly, accurately, and simply, potential customers may regularly use that company’s app as they go about seeking their new property. They may or may not buy from the agency providing the app, but if it is simple for them to peruse listings through an app, increased conversions are likely.


Games can also be a great way to market organically and non-invasively. Sponsor a few web app games. Your name pops up, users become aware of your products or services, and if they ever click on one of your icons, that takes them directly to your home page; where they can buy from you.


Upgrading Outbound Marketing To Incorporate Merchandise

If you don’t have products being sold online currently, it would make a lot of sense to change that. Even if you are just a company like a real estate agency, you can front some merchandise through on-demand production services which can serve as digital PIGs, or Passive Income Generators.


On social media now, there’s a trend toward turning ads into memes. It’s kind of the same family of thinking as that which has turned most Geico commercials into entertaining comic vignettes. Well, if you’re selling things like t-shirts with a funny slogan and your business stamped at the bottom, you could make money while people walk around advertising your business.


It’s possible to design a button on your web page which will send an order to an on-demand printing agency who will design and ship out your t-shirt. They shave a little off the top of the selling price, you see profit, and you don’t have to deal with a whole new division of production in your company. It’s just a turnkey-type service.


With opportunities like these abounding throughout the web, avoiding an upgrade in your products or services to this marketing arena is unadvisable. Excepting radical global change of the type which constitutes an end-of-the-world or global war scenario, the trend for digital commerce will continue to expand at an exponential rate.


hand holding a smartphone using mobile apps for business


Outpacing Moore’s Law: Be Netflix, Not Blockbuster

Moore’s Law is made around the observation that technology capability in terms of computation doubles on itself about every eighteen months. That has held true since Moore made the observation about fifty years ago. If your business doesn’t capitalize on digital opportunities, you’re going to get left behind. A great example may be Blockbuster.


Blockbuster had the chance to acquire Netflix and passed on it, believing Netflix to be a transitive fad which would soon cease to be. What a terrible mistake. But if they had transitioned to the web in time, rather than rushing a hackneyed Netflix copy to market, they could be the new Hollywood production studio on Sunset Boulevard. Don’t be like Blockbuster; be like Netflix.






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