It’s fair to say, inbound links are very important. However, only providing that these inbound links are RELEVANT and HIGH-QUALITY. Google rates your website and links based on a few key elements: QUALITY, TRUST, RELEVANCY, AUTHORITY and POPULARITY.

What makes a link “a good link”?

  • Is this link a quality reference – e.g. does this link prove to be useful, informative and trustworthy?
  • Is this link high quality and relevant to the linking page?
  • Is the link helpful for the user journey?
  • Does the link answer a question in-depth?
  • Links on well-regarded news sites, and strong authority sites, such as brand websites have HIGH trust in Google’s eyes.
  • Related industry websites, for example, a car discussion blog / news site maybe be useful in ranking for keywords related to the car industry.
  • Links on a university or government web page can transfer AUTHORITY.
  • Blog posts – is this blog relevant? Does the blog help to answer user questions?
  • Social media links – links from Google + / linkedin etc. can prove useful for promoting content.

The aim of link building is to create content which naturally attracts links from others who are interested in your website content.

If you write a really good piece of content which answers questions, solves problems and interests / engages your reader then you are likely to attract inbound links which are relevant to your industry / niche.

If you have inbound links which are from an irrelevant source and there are loads of them, it’s time to think about either contacting the web master and trying to get said links removed, or simple disavow them using Google Disavow Tool.


Who links to your website?

If you can’t answer this then you should think about investing in backlink analysis software, such as Majestic SEO or Ahrefs. Otherwise, you may end up being the victim of a Google penalty.

Google Penguin, and its subsequent updates, was released specifically to target unnatural link profiles.

If a website is affected this results in substantial keyword rank drops, missed sales opportunities and negative word of mouth for the brand.

Not a good start to your online marketing strategy and of course, a lot of wasted time will need to be spent trying to regain ranks.

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