What can be more alluring than a career in B2B leadgen? It brings you higher checks and builds a stronger portfolio. Let’s talk about B2B lead gen in detail, and maybe it’ll become your next career step.

In this article, we’ll cover the most practical tactics of B2B lead generation and share with you tips on how to facilitate and accelerate this process using modern email search tools.

What is B2B lead generation?

It’s the course of actions that help you find new potential clients for your company. It includes collecting contact details of your target audience, then nurturing and converting them to buy your products or services. These activities are usually performed by internal or outsourcing B2B sales/marketing teams. The ultimate target of B2B lead gen is to scale the business – by attracting new corporate clients and closing business goals. As you see, the success of any company depends on high-quality leadgen. That’s why experts in this field have always been highly valued and paid.

B2B sales leads are the filtered, qualified prospects that sales teams can reach out, nurture, and convert. B2B generation of leads involves building a potential business customer base. Sales for these types of prospects are generally much more complex and toilsome, so the availability and analysis of information is an essential factor, which can make a difference and boost the chances of success.

Digital marketing methods that work effectively for B2B segments are the company’s website optimization for leadgen tasks and personalized email outreach. 

Why is B2B lead generation important?

While it’s true that some brands adopt a passive attitude of waiting for B2B clients to arrive, the experience shows that finding qualified B2B leads through an active approach helps generate leads faster and close more sales.

Systematic approach

Generating leads using a professional leadgen platform can help build a qualified prospects base, collect valuable information and data for analysis, and connect them with your company.


It’s important to keep an active attitude oriented to the growth of your company. Generation of leads stimulates the audience’s interest in your products or services, helps build sales channels, and increases revenue.

Building strong loyal relationships

Lead generation techniques allow your business to focus on creating relationships with qualified prospects, rather than dispersing communication (and money) across a group of prospects who are not potential clients.

Knowing your lead gen strategy is vital for sales and digital marketing teams, and correspondingly, for the whole business, and the following factors prove it:

b2b lead gen

Source: Cognism


Who conducts B2B lead generation?

Leadgen can be internal and outsourced, and is performed by sales and marketing experts. Many organizations now delegate their leadgen processes to external specialists to save time. They can work independently, but more often they work in teams. For higher efficiency, B2B marketing and sales teams should closely cooperate.

Is lead generation legit?

As we have already mentioned, running B2B lead gen campaigns and bringing interested, qualified leads is a very profitable yet a highly competitive activity. 

The following statistics show that generation of leads is the first thing that’s on your mind if you are a B2B business owner. 


b2b marketing

Source: Wpforms

How do you generate leads for B2B with digital marketing?

The mechanism of B2B lead gen is not simple. Be prepared for the fact that some niches are terribly hard to reach. But don’t get disappointed! If you have expertise in digital marketing, know how to define your target audience, create a perfect customer profile, and how to give your audience high-quality content, you can succeed with outstanding results.

To conduct successful online B2B lead generation, you will need:

  • A high-quality promo page (landing page) with a unique selling proposition;
  • A/B-tested ads and banners that lead to the landing page;
  • Traffic sources selected according to your business niche and target audience.

Generation of leads can be also conducted through personal interaction tools (sales calls, events, marketing research, etc.), and requires:

  • A high-quality landing page (it’s a must-have, always);
  • Professionally written call scripts and email copy;
  • High-quality contact lists of your target audience.

You are most likely to convert leads into sales if:

  • You have obtained high-quality leads (matching the target audience and qualification criteria). Keep reading, we will describe below an easy way to collect them.
  • Your B2B sales team has killer sales skills and motivation.
  • The quality control of lead processing and further sales has been properly organized.

How to improve your B2B lead generation?

There can be thousands of ways to accelerate and boost the quality of the generation process, but we will mention the most widely used techniques that bring results within a comparatively short period of time.

Define a buyer persona

You may already have in mind the perfect image of the organization your company wants to sell to. But don’t forget that there will be a certain person who will take that final decision to buy. Define their characteristics, pains and needs. The better you know the decision-maker, the more chances you have to find an approach to convert them.

  • What is their age, location, education level? 
  • What online channels do they use to communicate and find information? 
  • What challenges do they have at work and how do they usually solve them?

Keep your content plan organized

After you define the pains and challenges of your audience, schedule and offer content that gives them solutions to those problems. 

  • Study the keywords that decision-making persons usually use. 
  • Define an editorial calendar and plan the content in a way that can guide the person in the purchase journey, which, in the B2B market, is longer and more complicated.
  • Include lead magnets (useful materials) that require contact details in your planning, like ebooks. The person provides their name and email – and perhaps their job title – to access the material. Every time that happens, you get a potential lead.

Manage lead nurturing

Before establishing the sales approach, it’s necessary to nurture leads so that they realize the pains they face and, mainly, the solutions your company offers:

  • Show what the problem is and make it clear how it’s affecting the activities of the company. At some point, the decision-maker will understand that there is a solution and will consider it.
  • Nurture your leads using email drip campaigns – it’s a series of emails that give value and help the person go through the sales funnel.
  • After your contact has displayed some interest in your offer, follow them up via email and phone while the lead is still warm.

Use technology

Integrate a CRM toolbox with your channels of marketing so that you can subdivide leads according to their business niche and phase in the sales funnel. It also shows you who is ready to be contacted by the sales team.

For the prospects who are not willing to buy, plan campaigns to keep them nurtured, until they reach the point where they are ready to purchase. During all this time your professional content will keep them aware of your brand expertise. Keep studying your audience – it will help you keep track of their current pains and allow you to tailor your content according to their needs.

B2B leadgen tools: how email search works

What approaches should you focus on in the first place? Another fresh statistic shows that for most B2B companies, email outreach remains the most effective digital marketing approach. And for many reasons: it’s scalable, easy to automate, and presents one of the highest ROIs across B2B leadgen channels.

b2b marketing

Source: Ventureharbour


A good email hunter tool usually offers the following features (they may slightly vary across platforms):

  • Email search by domain

Within a couple of minutes, you can find email addresses, company or prospect info from a particular domain. If you want to check several thousands of domains at a time, bulk domain search option will help you out.

  • Finding emails with Boolean Search

This feature allows you to scan through huge databases, like LinkedIn, Indeed, Google, etc. via specific search criteria (location, skills, position, etc), and accurately find the persons you need.

  • Acquiring emails from names

If you have a CSV file with a list of employees’ names and their companies, the email hunter tool can find email addresses of these people for you. 

Of the market’s top email outreach tools – Snov.io’s Email Finder – is an excellent example of a B2B lead gen instrument. This fast and cost-effective app is a part of a multipurpose platform for cold outreach automation. It helps you gather targeted leads in just a few minutes – from any web page.

Bottom line 

As you see, business-to-business lead generation is hard work, executed by professionals. Many companies offer tools that help leadgen experts to facilitate their work and effectively supply their B2B campaigns with a sufficient amount of valid and qualified contacts.

One of such methods is email hunters, designed to use actual data and specific algorithms to find emails with relatively high accuracy. Such services allow you to find thousands of emails at an affordable price. We hope that you select your favorite tool for B2B leadgen that brings success to your business. Happy prospecting!