Getting organic traffic to your website can be a real challenge, especially if you think you’re doing everything right, but somehow you can’t manage to get your content ranked.

Being a good content writer is half the battle, and the rest lies in how well optimised a post or a page is.

So wouldn’t it be great if you were able to get a health score for each of your content?

Luckily, the recent Ahrefs SEO WordPress plugin update focuses on offering you a better content audit than ever before.

ahrefs seo wordpress plugin

What Does Ahrefs SEO WordPress Plugin Offer?

The Ahrefs WordPress SEO plugin can help you gain insight into how well your content is performing all from within your WordPress. 

It analyses and scores each individual content on your website based on its organic traffic and backlink profile. 

Based on those metrics, it then offers recommendations on how to improve your content to drive more traffic to your site. 

The recommendation varies depending on how well your content rates overall, but here are some of the suggestions the audit offers:

  • Do nothing – Target keyword is ranked within the top 3. 
  • Update – Unique keyword across all of your exisitng pages and is below the top 3 but still in the top 20. 
  • Merge – Target keyword is below the top 3 but remains in the top 20 positions – similar to keywords in other content of your site.
  • Exclude – Keyword is below the top 20, but it is in the top 50th percentile for traffic across all of your pages.
  • Update – Keyword is below the top 20 and in the bottom 50th percentile for your website traffic – has at least 1 backlink.
  • Delete – Below the top 20 and in the bottom 50th percentile for traffic – 0 backlinks.

ahrefs seo wordpress plugin

Why Should You Use it?

Content audits are just as crucial as website audits for your SEO.

Improving or removing low performing quality content that does not rank and offers no value to visitors will make your website better for both users and search engines.

According to Google, having many low-value-add URLs can negatively affect a site’s crawling and indexing.

The benefits of using the Ahrefs Plugin:
  • Backlinks insight – Ahrefs data is updated every 15 to 30 minutes, making it super easy to view and monitor the backlinks your content earns, without having to leave your WordPress.
  • Google Analytics & Search Console integrationThe suggestions for your content are based on the traffic and conversion data that Ahrefs gathers and analyses from your analytics account. Keyword performance and suggestions are made based on data analysed from your search console.
  • A full content auditYour content is analysed and scored based on all data pulled from their own backlinks plus your analytics & search console accounts. You can use this in-depth insight to understand what content performs better when it comes to traffic and attracting backlinks. Use the information to improve your overall strategy and create a solid outline of what needs to be done.

Setting Up Your Plugin

The Ahrefs WordPress SEO plugin is easy to set up and simple to use. 

There are two different ways you can do this:

  1. Set it up in your WordPress
  2. Download the plugin externally and connect it to your WordPress
Install in WordPress
  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard 
  • Click on Plugins 
  • Choose Add New
  • Search for ‘Ahrefs SEO’
  • And Install – then active through the ‘Plugins’ menu
ahrefs seo wordpress plugin
How to do it manually
  • Download the plugin from WordPress
  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Choose Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  • And active through the ‘Plugins’ menu
wordpress plugin
Connecting Ahrefs to your plugin
  • Go to Ahrefs SEO tab
  • Follow the steps to successfully complete the setup, and connect your Google Analytics & Search Console accounts.