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Digital PR

Boost your brand’s visibility online.

Creating an effective outreach campaign is one of the most fundamental steps in SEO Glasgow. Your website can look great, but without good content and an outward approach to contacting others in the industry, you will find it hard to receive many links. Focusing on quality content creation and a good outreach campaign can make all the difference in bringing your website the traffic that it deserves.

Identifying where to target your SEO campaign is the first challenge for anybody undertaking the task of improving website ratings and organic search rankings. Outreach is an effective method of gaining healthy live links that will not only establish your website as reputable and safe but will also make your website grow in organic search rankings for the growth of traffic and potential new clients.

At its heart, outreach is a simple yet time-consuming process that brings genuine, honest results to your website. Good quality links are hard to attract organically, though they do happen from time to time as your website grows to become more reliable. The biggest and best websites rarely have to use outreach campaigns as their content is known as being highly trustworthy. For growing websites trying to gain a foothold in their industries, getting links can be significantly harder without an outreach campaign. This is where Smarter Digital Marketing comes in. As one of our additional services, we can manage digital PR campaigns.

How does the outreach process work?

By identifying relevant websites for your content, we can begin the process of reaching out to these trusted website owners with the offer of a great, informative article published directly to their website with an embedded link back to your website. The process – at its simplest – requires three simple steps for success.

We identify relevant websites

We contact link prospects via phone & email

Your article is published on a trusted website related to your industry

  • Finding the right website to promote your content on is essential to the outreach campaign. You may be able to find links to websites that are irrelevant or do not rank very highly on Google. We ensure that websites we target are those that are relevant to your industry. Online magazines, bloggers, directories, and more will be sourced for relevant content and we will begin our outreach.
  • The process of contacting your link prospects can be long and arduous, but trust in your content and your ability to write a great piece of content, and you will find good quality websites that will add a link back to your website. Phone calls are the most successful way of obtaining a link due to the fact that, quite often, emails are ignored if they are seen to be ‘template’ emails.
  • Calling website owners after getting to know their content can be a great way of stirring up a conversation before you bring up your content. Get to know them, talk about their content, and really make yourself sound appealing. Building a strong relationship can be rewarding for your outreach campaign. Relationships through social media, email and telephone communication are ideal for establishing links and shared content.
  • Offering a website your unique written content that is created especially for them can be a tantalising offer, but there are other ways to offer your own content that can be great for a link than articles. Infographics and already published content on your website can be perfect for a website that may be looking for a new feature.
  • Infographics are great for sharing due to their eye-catching appeal and  high-quality information that can be written within them. Previously published blogs, articles, and pages on your website can also be beneficial for gaining a link. Identifying somebody who could use your content for their research or other content could find you another great link.
  • Keeping in touch with link prospects is an important step for your campaign. We undertake our outreach with confidence and the assurance that all our content is unique, fresh, and relevant to our prospects. If you are successful, your content will be published on another website with a link back to you. It’s as simple – and smart! – as that.  Have a look at more of our digital marketing and our services that we offer.

Main benefits of outreach

With the right approach to your outreach campaign, you can gain some great benefits for your website that will help it grow over the approaching months. The more links you gain, the more reliable your website becomes. By obtaining relevant links from high-quality sources in and related to your industry, you will find that your ratings on Google will begin to increase. High-quality sources draw more traffic and attention to your website, boosting traffic and potential conversions, and better reliability in Google will see your website begin to increase in targeted keyword positions through organic searches.

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