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Entice your target market with interesting content.

At Smarter Digital Marketing, we can deliver the kind of content that will ensure your message is delivered with clarity every time. As a marketer, you only have a limited amount of time to attract your potential customer’s attention. A professional copywriter knows how to make every word count and draw the reader in right from the very first sentence. Informative, persuasively written material will make the difference between the success or failure of your advertising campaign and marketing efforts. We provide copy writing on a daily basis for clients as one of our additional services.

The Growing Need For Professional Copywriting

Data from Statista reveals that 58% of people turned to a copywriter in 2013, an increase of 44% for the previous year. The demand is growing because businesses realise that in order to attract and engage the modern day consumer, they need to be able to stand out from their competitors; professionally written material from an expert copywriter is the way to do that.

Example PDF Brochures

Why choose the Smarter Digital Agency?

  • Well written and captivating copy will enhance your chances of getting conversions and gaining new clients.
  • We’ll choose the right words that will make your target market want to do business with you.
  • We know how to make material engaging, captivating and persuasive so that your offer sounds completely irresistible.
  • Our written material will highlight the benefits of your product or service in an easy to read, engaging manner and include a call to action that will make the reader feel compelled to buy from your organisation.
  • Our Copywriting service will save you time, money, and energy, and free up resources so you can run your business.

Why hire a copywriter?

There are numerous benefits in hiring a copywriter to write your marketing material. These include:

  • Time Management

    Employing a writer to complete your marketing materials will free up valuable extra time allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

  • Experienced Communication Skills

    Copywriters know what works and how to compel a potential customer to buy your product or service.

  • Hiring a copywriter

    can enable you to save valuable time on researching, editing, and writing material.

  • Copy Proofing

    A copywriter can review existing material and breathe new life into it by transforming stale, overused advertising copy into a compelling advertising campaign.

  • Clear Message

    A good copywriter will help you get your message across in a clear, concise manner.

  • Professional Copy

    A Copywriter will produce professionally written material which is far more likely to attract a positive response from your target market.

Our Glasgow-based agency offers the following Copywriting services:

  • Ad copy
  • Brochure content
  • User guides
  • Scripts
  • Slogans
  • Website content
  • Feature stories
  • E-Books
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Sales letters
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • How to articles
  • All other types of written material

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