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Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Monitor your ROI on your digital campaigns using call tracking.

While electronic conversion rates can easily be tracked and monitored, phone calls have always traditionally been difficult to monitor and analyse. Thankfully, due to new call tracking software, this is no longer the case. By using call tracking software, you can see exactly where a call lead is being generated, and how effective it was at producing a result.

By allocating tracking numbers to every advertising channel that is set up for your company, you are able to monitor the efficiency of different campaigns and prioritise those that are performing best. Smarter Digital Marketing provides call tracking as one of our additional services.

Call Tracking for Online Channels

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Organic
  • Social Media
  • Yelp
  • Bing Organic and Paid

Call Tracking for Offline Channels

  • Radios Ads
  • TV commercials
  • Flyers
  • Prints Ads
  • Billboards

How Call Tracking Works

Step 1

Pick the number you want to use. Both local and toll-free numbers can be used

Step 2

Monitor any of the main revenue channels – AdWords, Facebook, Google Organic – or create your own channel to monitor.

Step 3

Your tracking number will dynamically display on your website, or can be added to any offline advertising materials. Calls will then start to route through the tracking numbers.

Step 4

Instantly know which channel has generated a call from the tracking number attached to the call. Add new numbers and campaigns at any time, and discontinue tracking numbers as campaigns finish.

How Call Tracking is Implemented

All it takes to add call tracking to a website is one line of code. No custom URLs or tags are needed, meaning that implementation is fast and simple. The tracking code will instantly recognise the channel and geographic location and show them the appropriate call tracking number.

You will instantly know which URL, landing pages, keywords, and placed ads the caller was directed through. This will link back to the appropriate analytic software, allowing you to review campaigns and focus on those which are converting the best.

Tracking numbers are displayed dynamically on your website and in all of your offline ads. Call tracking software is able to track every call back to the website visitor, ad and keyword. This allows you greater insight and understanding of your call tracking campaign. Adding call tracking to your marketing campaign could not be easier.

Details which you will have access to such as the ad which the caller clicked on, the landing pages viewed, the keywords they searched, and the URLs that referred the caller.

Real-time Reporting Shows You What’s Working and What’s Not

CallTrackingMetrics provides the only call tracking software that blends your marketing campaign and contact center performance reporting into one tool, allowing for a complete view of what’s generating calls and what’s happening with calls once your agents have them.

Your call data is rolled up into an array of different reports that are easy to navigate and understand. They are all exportable, filterable, and schedulable so you get the information you need when you need it.

  • Agent-based reports
  • Agency and client level reports
  • Geographic reporting
  • PPC-specific reports
  • Usage-based reports
  • Referring source reports
  • Keyword level reports

Calls Are Routed and Tracked

Calls can be routed directly to any landline, mobile, or browser phone
Leverage advanced routeing options like geo routeing, IVR menus & call queues to ensure calls are routed perfectly.

Phone calls are associated with the advertising channel and campaign, so you know which adverts are the best performing. Our clients have used call tracking in the past and found it extremely beneficial to their campaign.

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