Marketing Ideas That You’ve Just Got to Try

An original marketing strategy must be a mix of several techniques, including promotions, social media, events, and email. To take your 2017 marketing results to the next level, you should try the most recent marketing tools and tactics that are available in 2018.

The advancement of technology, internet, video and augmented reality has enabled the development of newer marketing practices. Also, increased consumer affinity with authenticity and personalization allows creative chances for your brand to stand out and look unique.

Here are top five original marketing ideas you should try in 2018.

1. Live Video Event

This year, host a live video event to diversify and streamline your video marketing options.

Although the regular video marketing has always been used and is encouraged, you should consider trying live video since it’s the focus of video in 2018. Customers can stream your content smoothly, thanks to the increased mobile use and the fast internet speeds. The popular live streaming platforms include Facebook Live and Instagram, which also has a live feature.

Live video is advantageous because it’s engaging and exciting. It facilitates the authenticity and transparency, which consumers need nowadays. The best news is that social media offers plenty of live streaming opportunities. Therefore, every kind of businesses including, small businesses, can try this marketing idea. The streams need not be long, or they don’t require high production.

2. A Video Series

Consider launching a video series since videos are known to drive sales. According to statistics, approximately 75 percent of people who watch an explainer video of a specific service or product are more likely to buy it. Most users also admit being convinced to buy a service or product after they watched a video.

A more engaging plan is to come up with an episodic video series. Publishing the videos once or twice a week is ideal. This keeps your audience engaged and informed since you will be sharing new content. Make sure to optimize the videos with the right keywords and use the right tools to keep track of your SEO efforts.

3. Associate Purpose-Driven Marketing

Not only do consumers care about the “what” but also they do care about the ‘why.’  It’s evident that they connect with those brands which position their larger purpose either front or center. Therefore, consider tapping into the deeper mission behind whatever you are doing.

Then try to find the chance to integrate that into every component of your previous 2017 marketing strategy. This way, you give your target audience a clear overview of your business as a brand and company. In the long run, winning customers’ trust and confidence will be quite a breeze.

4. Activate Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign

Another original marketing idea is launching a micro-influencer marketing campaign. This allows you to use products, such as promotional pens, mugs, and t-shirts, to influence your target audience.

It’s a trend that has been around for a while, and it has mostly been associated with those people who have a lot of followers or celebrities. Although, it’s now clear that going smaller or picking a niche can also be more effective. According to a survey, most people are more likely to consider a recommendation that is done by a micro-influencer.

Consider launching around 30 to 40 micro-influencers to yield more results in your business. It’s possible by drilling down in the niches of your field of industry to get tastemakers or possible experts to tap into these campaigns. A great way to promote the micro-influencer marketing campaigns is through email marketing. Target those customers who might be interested in your micro-influencers’ story to achieve a great engagement for your campaign.

5. Opportunities in Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality

Lastly, watch for opportunities in the internet of things and augmented reality which are the two technologies that are soon becoming a part of our lives considerably.

The internet of things is actually the connection of devices to the internet such as health monitors, cars, and even household appliances. These two industries are new ideas to reach customers in 2018 that you should be watching closely to help you spot the specific areas of opportunities that suit your business.

The Takeaway

The best marketing is not only about sticking to the marketing ideas that worked in the previous year, but also trying new campaign ideas. With the advance in technology, there will always be changes and trends in the marketing space that you can consider to find which one works best for your business.